Tips For Throwing A Graduation Party

The days of after-school practices, staying late cramming up on everything in the last moment and class trips are coming to an end and your kid is finally graduating. This is an exciting but a sentimental time for your child. Celebrating a graduation party for them would be a good way to re-live those moments and bring closure to their school life and prep them for the next stage of their life.

The theme, food, and entertainment aspects of the party

Build an appropriate theme for the party, it could be a formal dress-up party, a casual attire, or even a Hawaiian luau party, the choice is yours. Once you’ve decided on the theme, you should set up a budget. You will need to spend on decoration, centerpiece, balloons, flowers, food, beverages, hall, entertainment etc. You can focus on elaborating a certain aspect of the party while keeping the other aspects at a minimum. Try to minimize the cost as much as possible, look for a wholesale bakery Sydney that offers catering services. Order food that would satisfy everyone, but don\’t fret much about it, as it is not the center of the event and don’t make it so.

Try cooking a few items yourself in order to add a personal touch to it and get assistance from a friend when necessary. As for the cake, choose something that would fit the theme of the party, you can either get wholesale cakes Sydney or cupcakes for the party. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to cupcakes, you don’t have to do any cutting, one does not necessarily require forks and they look cute. But the disadvantage is that you won’t be able to add a personalized message or pictures to it like in cakes. So, take these into consideration before settling on something.

Once you’ve decided on that, you should decide on the entertainment for the party. Are you planning on getting down a band or a DJ? While this is necessary don\’t make it the only thing. The graduates would sure love to dance but other activities like having a photo booth would turn it up a notch. Furthermore, set up a stand with a book on it for the graduates or guests to put a picture or leave a message for the graduate. And finally, if you are planning to host this party at your home, ensure that you inform your neighbors about it ahead of time so that they can prepare for a large number of cars being parked at the neighborhood and the loud noise.