Three Fun And Quirky Ways Coffee Can Be Used

We all know coffee for what it is. An unfathomably elite, lifesaving phenomenon capable of giving life to the emotionally unstable and physically drained, and comes in the form of dark brown or black liquid which can be blended or boiled with cubes or condensed milk, whichever way that floats your boat and keeps it sailing, surviving. For all the coffee junkies out there, I couldn’t have sounded more accurate, and for all those who despise it with a passion, I couldn’t have sounded more exaggerated. Well, whether you\’re a fan or not, listed below are a few ways you\’re going to see coffee for more than just what it is.

Natural Air Freshener.

Opening your fridge to be bombarded with an oddly invigorating odor that contains a combination of stale milk, spaghetti sauce from three days back, and a strange smell of something you can’t quite figure out. Probably vegetable soup that you made for a nonexistent diet two years back. Well, if this rings a bell and sounds all too familiar then, coffee beans come to your rescue. Dried ground coffee can be used as a deodorizer in your refrigerator and any part of your house which you think is a nightmare of bad odor. They can absorb the strong stench and replace it with an enticing aroma of coffee. If you are looking for a high quality of coffee beans you can visit this page and they can give you a satisfaction coffee.

Rich Compost.

To give you a hand in gardening and make soil great again, you can use coffee grounds for a rich compost, as they’re rich in phosphorus, potassium, copper and magnesium and release nitrogen into the soil and they can also be mixed with Iye to make a rich composting agent. You can get them from coffee beans suppliers if you compost on a large scale. They\’ve also got an acidic element, which is great for some soils. They can be used as a fertilizer with small amounts of them sprinkled on top soil for plants like roses and azaleas that like high acidity in the soil.

Natural Dye.

You’ve got grey hair sticking out like a sore thumb? Got a shirt that needs a splash of brown? Ran out of paint for your masterpiece? Well say no more, because the coffee jar sitting in your kitchen counter top can be the answer to all. The natural pigments in coffee make it a great dye for fabric, wood, and even your hair. To get a rusty worn out yet sophisticated look for your fabric, just simply immerse it in a hot pot of coffee and let it stain for a day. Then, you rinse and dry it to see amazing results. You can also attain a slightly dark stain on your wood by applying a coat of hot brewed coffee that\’s left to cool. Also they’ll do a great job on your hair too, giving them a shiny tint of rich dark and extra gloss.