The Importance Of Food Presentation

Well-presented food in a restaurant is known to make nothing but a positive impact on the customer. These days you will find no shortage of artistically decorated food since restaurants do see the value of good presentation and how it works. According to experts food should not only taste great but look and smell good too.

The Guidelines
An old rule is still followed by most restaurants in the world where the food is arranged as though the plate is clock, where vegetables and meat are placed in a certain order according to the numbers of a clock. Both French and Japanese cuisine especially have played a major role in inspiring culinary art where the minimalistic but artistic approach has become popular.

Servings and Tableware
The tableware and utensils can also make a difference, this is why even shape and colour of the serving plate matters. But now a lot of restaurants serve food on wooden platters, in glass jars, and even glass beakers in more alternative restaurants, and even a cake or dessert is neatly served in mason jars or a cookie skillet in the utensil itself. Thinking outside the box and creating something unique pays off in the long run and can even become a signature look. The portion size is important as well, since large servings on a small plate will look over-crowded and small servings will seem insufficient on a larger plate, check this craft beers.

Visual Appeal
Some experts believe colours and arrangement of food can make or break a dish. Even the best ingredients can be overshadowed by the wrong presentation, whereas the right kind can even gear picky eaters towards ordering the same dish again. In the same way, simple food can stand out with great presentation. Edible decorations make the food look interesting enough to eat. Most chefs work with the garnishes and sauces to create the ‘look’ and moulds are used to sculpt food as well. A simple quality meal can look like the best hamburger in Hong Kong with gourmet fries ever made or tasted when presented as such.

Culinary Art
The preparation of food is seen as an art and more so when it comes to presentation. Cooking is not as easy as it looks as most chefs have reached their peak after years of hard work, dedication and experience. A beautifully arranged plate will actually enhance the appeal before the food has even been touched, and it would be a shame if good food does not gets the credit it deserves just because it was not presented well.