The Causes Of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is the excessive consumption of alcohol to a point where someone gets addicted to it. The point to ponder on is what made them drink so much. Alcoholism does not happen overnight. With various physical, social and mental difficulties, people tend to find solace in alcohol. So, to prevent alcoholism, the best way is to eliminate the root causes. Here they are.

Stressful environments

Stress is the most common cause of alcoholism. People turn to alcohol when they have problems at work, with family or financially. The highest alcoholics were reported among unemployed adults aged between 25 and 35. What you don’t realize is that you are wasting more time and money on a relief that is so short lived. Instead, use that time to practice a hobby or anything that you love doing. It can relieve your stress immensely. Before you take the best single malt whiskey bottle into your hands, try gardening, reading a book, listening to old-school songs, taking a picnic to the park with your loved ones, cycling, yoga etc. that will take your mind off stressful activity.

Drinking at an early age

You might turn into an alcoholic if you started at a very young age. Most young boys who are under less supervision of parents are easy targets. They may meet people who sell drugs and alcohol which will easily manipulate them. Moreover, if you have been living in an alcohol abused environment surrounded by alcoholics among your family and friends, such characteristics may come genetically and also by example. You cannot blame your childhood for your mistakes and sit idle. If you make an effort to let go of that finest Japanese whisky, you’ll surely succeed.

Poor mental health

Loneliness, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression etc. are some mental illnesses that may cause you to increasingly consume alcohol. You might feel worthless and hence you seek to ease the emotional pain through alcohol. You need to immediately take medical advice if you experience such mental conditions, and be under strict medication. Try spending time with your loved ones so that you don’t feel lonely. You can even join support groups or various communities such as book clubs.