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The Causes Of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is the excessive consumption of alcohol to a point where someone gets addicted to it. The point to ponder on is what made them drink so much. Alcoholism does not happen overnight. With various physical, social and mental difficulties, people tend to find solace in alcohol. So, to prevent alcoholism, the best way is to eliminate the root causes. Here they are.

Stressful environments

Stress is the most common cause of alcoholism. People turn to alcohol when they have problems at work, with family or financially. The highest alcoholics were reported among unemployed adults aged between 25 and 35. What you don’t realize is that you are wasting more time and money on a relief that is so short lived. Instead, use that time to practice a hobby or anything that you love doing. It can relieve your stress immensely. Before you take the best single malt whiskey bottle into your hands, try gardening, reading a book, listening to old-school songs, taking a picnic to the park with your loved ones, cycling, yoga etc. that will take your mind off stressful activity.

Drinking at an early age

You might turn into an alcoholic if you started at a very young age. Most young boys who are under less supervision of parents are easy targets. They may meet people who sell drugs and alcohol which will easily manipulate them. Moreover, if you have been living in an alcohol abused environment surrounded by alcoholics among your family and friends, such characteristics may come genetically and also by example. You cannot blame your childhood for your mistakes and sit idle. If you make an effort to let go of that finest Japanese whisky, you’ll surely succeed.

Poor mental health

Loneliness, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression etc. are some mental illnesses that may cause you to increasingly consume alcohol. You might feel worthless and hence you seek to ease the emotional pain through alcohol. You need to immediately take medical advice if you experience such mental conditions, and be under strict medication. Try spending time with your loved ones so that you don’t feel lonely. You can even join support groups or various communities such as book clubs.

Beer And Health Benefits Associated With It

Good news for beer lovers. According to some recent studies, it has been found out that beer too, consists of health benefits. So, from now onwards, you do not have to just sit and look at the wine drinkers saying, “It’s good for the heart.” Now you too can say them in reply, “beer is also good for health my dear!” But mind you, too much of anything is never good. So, consuming beer in moderation is always recommended for health benefits, or else it may affect your health drastically.

In order to get the best out of beer, one should go for craft beer as they contain more of the natural ingredients, preservatives and lesser chemicals, which are deficient in the mass produced beers of big brands. Regular beer lacks the natural ingredients and is more watery, making it less tasty. So apart from being tastier, this beer from craft breweries serves several benefits which are all listed down below: 

 Helps in relieving from stress: Are you facing too much of stress in life? Do you worry too much of your blood pressure? The solution of all these is a bottle of chilled craft brewers’ beer. As per researches, it has been found that those who have consumed it in moderate amount, their stress and blood pressure level have reduced considerably. In Australia, you will get some of the best craft beers Australia in the whole world. Beers, in Australia are available even online, where you can buy them by mixing and matching according to your choice, or you can even gift them to your loved ones.

 Good for heart: Not only wine, but beers too, especially beer made in craft breweries, are also good for our heart. Since it contains antioxidants, it helps us in preventing heart diseases. Hops is one major ingredient in beer which helps in lowering the cholesterol and fighting various types of cancer.

 Helps in memory disorders and cognitive function: Beer may be of help if you are having some memory issues or are tending to be forgetful at times. As per a study, it has been seen that moderate beer drinkers are less likely to develop memory related problems, like some types of dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease, etc. However in case of cognitive disorders, beer cannot help if damage has already been done. 

 Helps in building strong bones: Since childhood we were always told to eat green veggies to keep ourselves healthy and strong. But how many of us knew that beer can do that too? Beers of craft brewery and other beers consist of soluble silicon and calcium, both of which are known for building strong bones, nails and teeth.