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June 2016

The Taste Of Different Cuisines

The taste of every cuisine is different. It can be full of flavor; it can be bland. But every cuisine, has is specialty and uniqueness in it. The history of cuisines, date back to many years down the line, based on the origin of where it comes from. There are many types and styles of cuisines and many are globally made available today, to cater to all pallets of the human being. Giving it a try is always a challenge. There is always a first for everything and when it comes to trying out new cuisines, there is always a first too. Giving it a try is hard, but you never know, you might have been missing out on your newly discovered favorite food. So trying it out is a must and enjoying it is up to you. Here’s a little guide to some of the most famous and common global cuisines, one must always try.

Italian Cuisine
with a heavy and rich culture, that Italy is known for, Italy is also well known for their wine and their specialties in Italian cuisine. You simply cannot miss an Italian restaurant in any corner of the world. It is ever so popular and many people just love Italian cuisine. The heavy meat casseroles, from the best pasta dishes to spaghetti bolognaise, to lasagna and to the salads, these are some of the most common cuisine you wouldn’t want to miss and you cannot easily miss in any Italian restaurant. The taste is different in every dish, with the dash of olive oil and the fresh herbs that go in with the variety of sauce mixes, that make everything mouthwatering.

Chinese Cuisine
Another cannot do without and ever so famous type of cuisine. It has captured every corner in the world and is known for the ever so famous mixes of rice that go with green tea. Chinese cuisine is full of flavor and the unique spices that go into making every dish. The signature rice’s and noodles, make it up to being a perfect Chinese dish. This added with stir fry of different and awesome meats and vegetables alone, add in much more flavor to go with simple rice or noodle dish.

The ever so famous fortune cookie, is always a have at any Chinese meal, finished off with a cup of green tea. The menus are generally very broad and the variation and combinations of Chinese food are always overwhelming. Portions are generally big in size and is always a heavy meal, due the number of dishes that go in with one meal. It is always very eye pleasing to see the colors of a Chinese dish, as it adds so much color and flavor on the taste buds at the same time.

Tips On Running A Coffee Shop For You To Consider

You might be considering running a coffee shop. A coffee shop is great if you do like hosting people. You must make sure to make your place stand out by coming up with an array of delicious cakes and sandwiches for consumption. Here are some tips on running your own coffee shop for you to consider:


You must try your best to make the place interesting as possible. Your products must stand out from the crowd then your customers will love to come their often. Think about how you can accomplish this feat. The items you do buy must be consistent with your overall goals. Make sure to buy a few items as it can change seasonally. You must make sure to make something new every week so that your customers will be drawn to the place. If you are working in an office make the area interesting with some buns and pastries to complement the cheap coffee machines in Melbourne you purchased.


The staff are the fundamental building blocks of your enterprise. The way the customers perceive the service they provide will determine as to whether your business will be successful or not. You must hire efficient employees then train and teach them everything you know. Make them feel that they belong to the company and that they are appreciated then the longer they will work for you too. Guide them and watch over what they are doing. Give them ample freedom as well as responsibilities. Above all, find people who care about their job.


Customers are royalty so you must treat them well. Some can become extremely difficult and demanding too. Your staff must realize that the customers are the ones that pay their wages so they must work diligently towards providing them a good service. It is important for the customers to see the place as one being geared towards their wishes or needs. If you are working in a firm this applies to you too as customers play a great role so make sure to buy good quality office coffee machines which will only brew the beans well.


You must understand your business well. It is important for you to understand how your firm operates which will give you more control. You must plan as to how you can successfully launch the marketing and sales division. Think about these factors before you decide to open one. Remember to ask family members and friends for advice on how you must expand or grow your business.

Things You Definitely Should Not Do In A Bar

The reason why we all go to a bar is to have fun. We all do the same thing when we hit a bar. We get some drinks, hit on a stranger, puke a lot and go back home. While we know how to have a great time at a bar, we are not aware of what not to do. A casual night out with friends can turn out to be disastrous if you get yourself involved in unnecessary things. The following are some such things that you must not do.

Taking your clothes off
Although you might not be in your right mind, remember that some people can find your act to be quite disturbing. Just because you are sweating, it does not mean that you can take off your clothes. Moreover, ladies must not remove their heels and drop them off at a random place. If they hurt, you shouldn’t have worn them in the first place.

Failing to befriend the bartender
Getting a Japan whisky in a bar can be a nightmare. With all the crowd and the never-ending line, it can take hours for you to get your drink. If you want to pace things up, you need to be in good terms with the bartender. Do not offend the person or be stingy with the tips. If you treat them nicely, they will make sure that you do not have to wait to taste the best cocktails in the city. 

Do not pick a fight
Bars are created for you to enjoy the best cocktails in town, not to get a broken jaw. Most people usually don’t want to start a fight, but after the fifth glass of Japan whisky, it can be quite hard to stop yourself from picking a fight. It is best to have a friend or colleague by your side, since they will watch your back.

Nagging the bouncer
If you have any hope of coming back to the bar, do not piss off the bouncer. He will not care how long you waited or how bad your legs ache. He is just another employee following orders. So, nagging him will not work. If you pick a fight with the bouncer or say something offensive, you will never be able to get into that bar again. If you really want to get in, tipping is the best way to go.

Moreover, it is not safe or polite to leave your belongings all over the place. Keep your belongings to yourself. This way, you will not have to spend the last few minutes looking for your wallet or car keys.